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Introduction to Change Management

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Course Objectives

Introduction to Change Management aims to provide participants with the fundamental skills and knowledge required to successfully manage change within an organisation. It covers what change management is, how to lead and facilitate change, the change framework and the human skills required.

The course will provide participants with practical tools and techniques to manage change more effectively and give more certainty around achieving the benefits of the change.

This one day course is highly practical, blending theory with activities to aid learning.

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This course is suitable for professionals undertaking the following roles:

  • Change manager
  • Change analyst
  • Business improvement officer/manager
  • Line manager
  • Team leader
  • Project manager
  • Project team member
  • Business analyst
  • Senior manager
  • Supervisor
Learning Outcomes

After completing this course, candidates will be able to:

  • Change management in the organisational context
  • The aspects for leading change and how to use established change frameworks and models to lead change
  • The effects of change on the individual and how to facilitate change by engaging effectively with stakeholders
  • How to use structured organisational impact assessment to determine the nature of the change and what will be required to change
  • Psychology behind changing behaviour in organisations – why people resist change and the steps that help them move towards successful change
  • How to use a structured approach to designing and managing the change interventions required to successfully bring about the change
  • The key aspects of a change management plan
  • The human skills required to apply change management.
Delivery Strategy
  • Face to face or virtual trainer delivered one day course.
  • Highly practical, blending theory with activities to aid learning
  • Includes reference material, written activities, reflective tasks and PowerPoint slides
Topics covered
  • Organisational change context.
  • Leading change through projects:
  • Lewin, Kotter.
  • Facilitating change.
  • Organisational impacts.
  • Change psychology.
  • Change management interventions.
  • Human skills for change managers.
Name Date Time Location Cost (AUD - incl. GST) Enrolment
24025 Public Introduction to Change Management Jun 2024 6 June 2024 09:00 am - 05:00 pm Virtual Training $847.00

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