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Project and Programme Leadership


Course Objectives


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This course is targeted at those who are responsible for the delivery of projects or programmes or would like to further enhance their leadership skills in a project or programme context.

Learning Outcomes

After completing this course, candidates will be able to:

  • Differentiating project leadership from project management, attributes of effective Project Leaders, emotional intelligence and leadership
  • Differentiating Outcomes from Outputs, defining an inspiring project vision, managing expectations
  • Identifying and getting the right stakeholders on board, engaging across departmental and organizational boundaries, understanding and meeting your stakeholders’ needs
  • Breaking through the barriers to effective communication, the four steps to influence, establishing rapport with your stakeholders
  • Dimensions of diversity, making diversity work in your projects, active listening and negotiating win-win outcomes
  • Getting the right people on board, aligning on the project’s vision and values, running an effective project kick-off session
  • Setting your staff up to succeed, providing effective feedback
  • Leadership styles and impact on project team culture, developing leadership versatility
  • Keeping a finger on the project pulse, running effective meetings, creating a sense of urgency
  • Channelling and projecting positive energy, projecting certainty through change
  • Understanding and tapping into the 6 Human Needs, the art of Leadership
Delivery Strategy
  • Face to face or virtual trainer delivered three (3) day course.
  • Undertake individual and group led activities to support practical application
  • Includes additional reference resources.
Topics covered
  • Attributes of Effective Project Leaders
  • Inspirational and Outcome-oriented Project Leadership
  • Breaking through boundaries for effective Stakeholder Engagement
  • Trust and Influence
  • Making diversity work and negotiating Win-Win outcomes
  • Setting your team up for Success!
  • Motivating high performance from project staff
  • Leadership Styles and Creating an Empowered Project Team
  • Keeping things on Track
  • Personal Resilience and Mastering Energy
  • The Art of Leadership in a Project Management Context

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  • Duration

    3 days

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