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BSB50820 Diploma of Project Management

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BSB50820 Diploma of Project Management

This qualification reflects the role of individuals who apply project management skills and knowledge in a variety of contexts, across a number of industry sectors. The job roles that relate to this qualification may include project manager and project team leader.

Individuals in these roles have project leadership and management roles and are responsible for achieving project objectives. They possess a sound theoretical knowledge base and use a range of specialised, technical and managerial competencies to initiate, plan, execute and evaluate their own work and/or the work of others.

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This course is designed for all industries that rely on project
management to deliver projects and initiatives. Roles may

  • Project managers.
  • Line managers.
  • Project engineers.
  • Project team leaders.
  • Project contract managers.
  • Procurement officers.
  • Program managers.
Units of Competency

• BSBPMG530 Manage project scope.
• BSBPMG531 Manage project time.
• BSBPMG532 Manage project quality.
• BSBPMG533 Manage project cost.
• BSBPMG534 Manage project human resources.
• BSBPMG535 Manage project information and communication.
• BSBPMG536 Manage project risk.
• BSBPMG537 Manage project procurement.
• BSBPMG538 Manage project stakeholder engagement.
• BSBPMG539 Manage project governance.
• BSBPMG540 Manage project integration.
• BSBTWK502 Manage team effectiveness.

Learning Outcomes
  • Initiate, plan and manage projects from start to finish.
  • Understand project management knowledge areas and process groups.
  • Apply project management techniques across the full project lifecycle.
  • Define and establish the right project controls for effective oversight and governance.
  • Prepare all project management plans.
  • Select appropriate tools to support monitoring and control mechanisms.
  • Demonstrate effective leadership skills to drive high performing teams.
Delivery Strategy

Students will undertake a range of learning activities to gain the skills and knowledge required to achieve competency in the assessments for each unit of competency.

The course will run over a 12-month duration and will include:

  • eLearning modules covering the learning requirements for all elements in each unit of competency.
  • 8 Trainer led revision activities on applicable project management topics delivered in 1-day blocks.
  • Independent research and workplace learning to apply the learned skills and knowledge.
  • Podcasts and industry videos providing a range of learning information in project management.
Entry Requirements

Students will be required to undertake pre-enrolment activities to ensure they understand all course requirements and their commitment to studying a vocational qualification.

These activities include:

• Watch a short orientation video that explains the course
requirements and structure.
• Complete the orientation questionnaire to demonstrate
understanding of the information learned from the video.
• Language, Literacy and Numeracy (LLN) quiz to ensure
their foundations skills and knowledge support undertaking the qualification level they are enrolling in.


The assessments are designed to cover a range of skills and knowledge required to demonstrate the achievement of the course objectives. Our assessment tools includes:

• A knowledge assessment.
• Gathering of workplace project documentation evidence.
• Evidence of practical application in a project environment.

Requirement to receive qualification

Students will be required to complete all assessment requirements and attend learning sessions to be deemed competent in each unit of competency.

Upon completion of all units of competency, students will be entitled to receive an Australian qualification from the Institute of Management.   Students who do not complete the entire course, but do complete individual units will be entitled to a statement of attainment.

Public Cohort Date Schedule - Trainer-Led

The Trainer-led session will take place online via Microsoft Teams

23018 Public Diploma of Project Management Nov 2023
Session Date
Close of Enrolment 21-Oct-23
Trainer-led Session 1 3-Nov-23
Trainer-led Session 2 8-Dec-23
Trainer-led Session 3 12-Jan-24
Trainer-led Session 4 22-Mar-24
Trainer-led Session 5 31-May-24
Trainer-led Session 6 9-Aug-24
Trainer-led Session 7 13-Sep-24
Trainer-led Session 8 18-Oct-24
Expected Completion Date 27-Jan-25
Course Name Cost (AUD - incl. GST) Enrolment
Diploma of Project Management Self Paced 2023 $2,300.00
23018 Public Diploma of Project Management Trainer-led Nov 2023 $3,800.00

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