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Project Controls

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Course Overview

This three day course covers the introductory concepts of Project Controls. Project controls are at the heart of successful project delivery, and this dictates that projects must be completed on time and within budget to reap maximum benefits from the project benefits.

Through case studies and interactive discussions, this course will deliver a comprehensive knowledge of essential techniques for successful, cost-effective management of projects through established project control tools and techniques.

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This course is targeted at those who are employed as:

  • Project controllers
  • Project team members
  • Project administrators
  • Project risk managers
  • Project coordinators, officers or assistants
  • Project schedulers and estimators
Learning Outcomes
  • Understand the concept of project control
  • Identify the four main areas of project control (scheduling, cost, risk, and communications)
  • Provide definitions for each of the areas of project control
  • Understand the purpose and function of each of the areas of project control
  • Understand the meaning and use of common project control terminology including baselines, actuals, and variances for each of the four areas of project control
  • Explain the relationship and integration between the four areas of project control
  • Identify the project life cycle
  • Identify and explain the remaining knowledge areas in project management, along with their links to project controls
  • Describe how project controls adds value to the success of a project
  • Provide a high-level understanding of the project procurement process and different types of contracts.
Delivery Strategy
  • Face-to-face OR online trainer led course delivered over three days.
  • Group activities to support practical application.
  • Includes a case study, which may be provided by the organisation
Topics Covered
  • Introduction to Project Controls
    • What are Project Controls?
    • Project Controls and the Project Life cycle
    • Meaning of Baselines, Actuals and Variances for each of the four areas of project control with examples
    • Integration and alignment of each area of Project Controls
    • Value provided by Project Controls
    • Tools used to monitor and control the project.
  • Managing project time
    • Client or customer requirements
    • Understanding the project scope statement
    • Developing the WBS
    • Determining milestones and activities
    • Scheduling activities
    • Activity resource estimating – tools and techniques
    • Duration estimating – tools and techniques
    • Schedule development (using MS Excel unless otherwise agreed)
    • Creating a baseline
    • Schedule Monitoring and Control
  • Managing project costs
    • Cost Planning and Funding
    • Understanding the WBS and Code of Accounts
    • Estimating Costs
    • Determining the Budget
    • Controlling Costs
    • Forecasting, Trend Analysis and Earned Value Management
    • Cost Reporting
  • Managing project risks
    • Risk background and context
    • Identifying risks
    • Qualitative risk analysis
    • Quantitative risk analysis
    • Documenting risk information
    • Risk controls
    • Risk treatments
    • Monitoring and controlling risks
    • Review risk outcomes
    • Updating risk processes for continuous improvement.
  • Managing project information and communications’
    • Project documentation and information
    • Establishment of the PMIS
    • Identification of stakeholders
    • Stakeholders and the communication plan
    • Security and auditing of information
    • Validation and verification of data
    • Project reporting
    • Management of project records
  • Project Procurement (additional)
    • What is project procurement
    • Planning project procurement
    • Types of contracts
    • Procurement documentation
    • Selection criteria for tenders and proposals
    • Evaluating tenders and proposals
    • Working with suppliers
    • Managing issues and conflict with suppliers
    • Reviewing supplier performance.
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