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Ethical Leadership Fundamentals

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Course Overview

What is ethics, and why is it so crucial in our roles as leaders?

Ethics lies at the heart of leadership, serving as the guiding compass for our actions and decisions. In today’s evolving world, continuous learning about ethics is essential for leaders and organisational success.

Over two days we delve into the fundamentals of ethical leadership, exploring what it means to lead with integrity, inspire trust and make principles decisions, focusing. on key concepts such as values, morals, and ethical theories.

Through engaging discussions and case studies, we navigate ethical dilemmas applying ethical theories and lenses to evaluate decision making in both our personal and professional lives.

We discuss the values, traits, and behaviours of ethical leaders- qualities that distinguish ethical leaders and inspire positive workplace cultures, enhance stakeholder trust and drive organisational success.  Practical strategies are explored for making ethical decisions with clarity and integrity, cultivating ethical awareness and responsibility in our leadership practices.

We reflect on the role of ethics in shaping the future and recognise its significance in addressing global challenges and driving sustainable business practices.

A commitment to doing what is right!

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This course is targeted at:
• Supervisors
• Leaders
• All levels of management

Delivery Strategy
  • Face-to-face or virtual trainer delivered two-day course
  • Undertake individual and group led activities to support practical application
  • Includes additional reference resources
  • Students receive certificate of completion at the end of the course
Topics Covered
  • Understanding Ethical Leadership
  • Ethical Decision Framework
  • Ethical Leadership Styles
  • Building an Ethical Culture
  • Ethical Leadership in Practice
  • Ethical Leadership Development
  • Ethical Leadership and Organizational Success
  • Ethical Leadership in a Changing World
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  • Duration

    2 Days

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