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We provide an independently certified maturity assessment at a project, program and portfolio management level.


P3M3® – The Opportunity

The Portfolio, Programme and Project Management Maturity Model (P3M3®) has become a key standard for assessing the development of organisational management maturity. It provides a framework with which organizations can assess current performance and put in place improvement plans with measurable outcomes based on industry best practice.

P3M3® assessments provide a roadmap for long-term improvement and progression towards realistic and achievable goals. With this roadmap as your guide, your organization can develop the capability to reach its optimal level of performance and maximize value for money from investment.

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The Benefits

Applying the P3M3® maturity model to your organisation will lead to a heightened ability to grasp opportunities for strategic advantage.

Specifically, benefits include:

  • a higher rate of return on investment
  • increased productivity, with shorter cycle times
  • greater time and cost predictability
  • reduced cost of quality
  • higher customer satisfaction
  • enhanced employee morale

Organizations that have focused only on training, specific methods or tools, or a governance framework, often wonder why they have not seen the promised improvements. P3M3® offers a more holistic view of an organization’s performance, using a broad spread of attributes.

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The P3M3® Approach

P3M3® is an overarching model containing three individual models:

  • Portfolio Management Maturity Model (PfM3)
  • Programme Management Maturity Model (PgM3)
  • Project Management Maturity Model (PjM3)

Most organizations have strengths in some areas but not in others. P3M3â„¢ is designed to acknowledge these strengths as well as highlighting weaknesses to enable change and improvement in a controlled and manageable way.

It achieves this by guiding organizations from immaturity, where risk can be high and quality low, through to maturity, where risk is greatly reduced and quality increased.


Why blueVisions

blueVisions is an international consultancy focused in increasing certainty and reducing risk on client’s investments in projects and programs. With a team of nearly 100 consultants, we provide an end-to-end business improvement partner building Portfolio, Program and Project management maturity to achieve strategic objectives.

We offer a one-stop-shop, providing holistic solutions through the powerful combination of an experienced consultancy with the following accreditations:

  • Accredited Consulting Organisation (ACO)
  • Accredited Training Organisation (ATO)
  • Training Provider (Training Provider)
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Our Track Record

From billion dollar infrastructure programs to internal business change projects, we provide leadership and innovative tools and methodologies to empower our clients to be their own source of success. Our experience covers a wide range of areas, including health, resources, transport, defence, utilities and social infrastructure.

blueVisions has an impressive track record of undertaking maturity assessments underpinned by a value for money approach. We get up to speed faster with client’s project environments bringing hands-on project experience to provide clients with practical and relevant maturity solutions.

blueVisions has assisted many organisations through maturity assessments and improvements to increase certainty over the achievement of organisational goals.

Our Track Record

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