Benefits Management

Face-to-face duration: 2 days
PDU's: 16

Course Objectives

The successful deployment of a new business solution is only the beginning. The whole point of a project is to generate value for years to come. Project leadership teams commonly lose interest in the results shortly after the go live date. In the majority of cases, no one even bothers to confirm that benefits have actually been delivered.

Business benefits realisation (BBR) is more about why we do the projects rather than how to do the projects. It supplies the reasoning which lends itself to a strengthened leadership approach to the delivery of the projects. The BBR process strengthens the business case and is essentially carried out before, and then immediately after the delivery of the project, however the astute Project Manager should fully understand the BBR life cycle and align their delivery of the project with the benefits.

The traditional approach of project success, that is the scope, cost and time constraints have been met, is no longer acceptable. A project must produce valuable benefits after the dust has settled.

A tried and tested Business Benefits Plan template is used as the core of this course. A pragmatic and comprehensive case study is used to ensure the practical application of the theory is applied during the delivery of this course. At the completion of this course, the delegates will have developed the template provided, therefore building on their existing skill set to improve their competence in the work environment.

The facilitator and the delegates take joint responsibility for learning.

Learning Outcomes

At the end of this course participants will achieve the following skills, knowledge and concepts in the application of benefits management techniques.

  • The ability to provide senior management with enough information to assist them in making intelligent business decisions.
  • Clearly articulate the difference between project outcomes and benefits.
  • Identify the value of the benefits for a potential initiative that can be sold up to the executive decision makers.
  • Map project benefits from the required deliverables.
  • Identify the real value of the benefits based on actual measurements.
  • Successfully manage the benefits from inception to harvesting.
  • Review and report on the actual benefits post project to verify the integrity of the original business case.


  • Implementation of the benefits life cycle.
  • Deliverables versus benefits.
  • Strategic stakeholder identification and analysis.
  • Business requirements sources.
  • A forced approach to thinking about the potential benefits obtainable from each requirement.
  • A useful tool linking each potential benefit to a specific stakeholder.
  • Applying metrics to the benefits.
  • Estimated benefits achievement schedule.
  • Total value of the benefits to the business.
  • Value gap analysis.
  • Identifying tangible benefits and making intangible benefits tangible.
  • Post project benefits reporting.
  • Post Program implementation review to verify the business case ROI projections.


It is expected that students participating in this course already have some thorough knowledge and practical experience in the application of project management principles. Also an appropriate level of competency in leading and directing the project as identified with the tasks, knowledge, and skills in project management.


This course is targeted at those who are seeking to develop their skills and knowledge in project management and seeking to be employed as:

  • project manager (generic)
  • project manager (industry specific)
  • project portfolio manager
  • program manager
  • business analyst
  • Senior managers accountable for making investment decisions


  • Face-to-face delivery of theory.
  • Facilitated discussions.
  • Individual assesments.

Delivery Strategy

The course has been structured to be delivered over two (2) days. It has been designed by our senior trainers who combine industry experience with academic excellence.

The course provides students with theoretical knowledge and practical application of best practice benefits management.

Our program design and delivery is based on adult learning principles and experiential learning techniques:

  • Individual and group activities
  • Practical and experiential
  • Short lecture sessions
  • Written activities
  • Using templates
  • Presentations

Participants will receive a state-of-the-art student manual with all reference material, PowerPoint presentations and activities, as well as the formal assessment.

This course is facilitated using a seemingly simple case study, by utilizing best practice benefits management practices, tools and techniques where you will most certainly improve the quality of the investment decisions made. This course can be facilitated using your own project as a case study if required.

An interactive technique (Nominal Group Technique - NGT) is used at the beginning of each day to compile a prioritised lessons learnt list of the knowledge, tools and techniques viewed by the class to provide maximum return in the workplace. This has proven to be a very useful input into various organisations' program and project management capability development programs.

During the course we work on the development of an action plan for the delegates to take away and implement their key learning's in their workplace post the training course.


"The Student Manual is a logical, carefully thought through and well presented document. The face-to-face facilitators are helpful, patient, knowledgeable and passionate. Thank you for the time and effort that blueVisions have put into preparing and supporting this course."

David Thorpe iiNet Australia

"Your personal contribution to our training has been invaluable. Your infectious high spirits and genuine want for our success have shone through. I sincerely thank you for your efforts over the past two years."

Stephen Davies Group Manager, Construction Services Group, NSW

"Your course made me realise how irrelevant what I was learning through my university course actually was to my job. Due to this, I will be seeking to complete the remainder of the modules in this diploma through blueVisions."

Damien Bleeker Project Coordinator, Liverpool City Council, NSW

"Thank you for a wonderful course....This has been by far the best development course I've ever been a part of."

David Darcy LSPSPO - Defence Materiel Organisation

"Having sat in at various times in both courses, as well as being present for the final summary and feedback sessions I was really impressed with the positive feedback and outcomes. The blueVisions trainers did an awesome job and really motivated and inspired both groups. The level of the course was spot on for each group."

Brian Clarke Leadership Development Coordinator, Gasco