Registered Project Manager (RegPM) Certification Program

What is RegPM?

RegPM (Registered Project Manager) is AIPM's (Australian Institute of Project Management) project management certification program.

Educational qualifications are a separate form of recognition from the RegPM certification. RegPM certification is a competency-based workplace assessment that is not assessed by way of theory or knowledge of project management principles like educational institutions.

AIPM’s Certification Program is developed through AIPM’s own Competency Standards - these have been developed by AIPM and are widely recognised by industry as a best practice model for project, program and portfolio management, in both the private and public sectors.

Candidates are required to compile project workplace evidence that displays their competence in project management. It is awarded at one of four levels, displayed below. Select the appropriate level for which you are seeking certification. To be eligible for the RegPM Certification Program, you must be a member of AIPM.


Project team member, Project records officer, Project administrator, Project support, Project analyst, Project manager, Project assistant, Program manager, Project coordinator, Program director, Project officer, Project executive, Small business operators


  • Identify skill gaps and improve capability
  • Gain competitive advantage - win work/jobs
  • Achieve industry project management recognition
  • Achieve organisational project management recognition
  • Identify where you are at in your career path
  • Inclusion on the Register of Project Managers on the AIPM website
  • Personal improvement and development
  • Career path from project team member to project manager or program director
  • Gain a competitive advantage over non-registered project managers



Certified Practicing Project Practitioner (CPPP)

This level of certification is suitable for candidates who are team members and are applying their project management knowledge to projects, contributing to project plans and participating in team meetings.

Certified Practicing Project Manager (CPPM)

This level of certification is suitable for candidates who are planning, managing teams and implementing projects in consultation with higher authorities.

Certified Practicing Project Director (CPPD)

This level of certification is suitable for candidates who are regularly directing projects, assessing that progress is in line with the organisational goals and analysing their effectiveness.

Certified Practicing Project Executive (CPPE)

This level of certification is suitable for candidates who are monitoring a series of projects and evaluating which projects are most beneficial towards the whole organisation’s strategy.

Register of Certified Project Managers

When you achieve the credentials of RegPM with AIPM, you are listed on the AIPM website as a registered project manager. This can help illustrate to industry that you have the capability and credibility to identify skill gaps, gain advantage over competitors and better place yourself to win project management contracts or further your project management career opportunities.

RegPM’s enjoy enhanced recognition and visibility of their commitment to professional development over non-registered project managers. RegPM is highly respected within the industry and can be used as a framework to develop a ‘best practice’ model to improve project, program and portfolio management capabilities at an individual and organisational level.

RegPM Application Process

There are a number of steps in the certification process:

  1. You must be a member of AIPM to participate in the RegPM Program at Associate or Member level.
    • Note 1: If you are a Student or Affiliate Member, you must first upgrade your membership. If you are a non-member, you must first complete the Membership Application Form. Once you receive confirmation via email that your application has been successful, you can then apply for the RegPM Program.
    • Note 2: If your renewal is pending and it is not due to be paid by your employer under Corporate Membership arrangements, you may pay your renewal at MyAIPM.
    • Note 3: If your membership is currently part of an AIPM Corporate Membership, you do not need to pay online; AIPM will issue an invoice based on the current billing arrangement for this corporate once they have received your application.
  2. Login to MyAIPM and complete the RegPM online application form and pay the application fee. The application fee is A$175.00 (inc. GST) payable to AIPM. This is payable online as part of the application process. The assessment process must be completed within 6 months from the date applied.
    • Note: When completing the application, you will be asked to confirm/update your contact information. You can do this at any time after completing the application at MyAIPM > View / Update your Details.
  3. Contact and work with your assessor - Lou Marks RegPM, CPPD. Once an assessment has been initiated, you cannot seek another assessor.
    • Note: There is a fee payable direct to your assessor which is separate to fees paid to AIPM. The fees apply to your assessment only and are independently charged. Contact Brad Kwik RTO Administrator (+61 2 8908 9888) who will inform you of the fee.
  4. Complete the assessment - the assessment process must be completed within 6 months from the date applied. In the event that you do not pass your assessment you cannot be reassessed by another assessor within the same 12 month period.
  5. Your assessor submits an assessment report - once you have submitted your completed assessment record book, with your portfolio of project document evidence, and satisfactorily answered the project management knowledge underpinning theory questions, a formal report will be written and submitted to the AIPM Certification Coordinator and audited before final completion and award of your RegPM certification credential.
    • Note: This is certified by our Assessment Manager and the process is checked for completion. It takes about a month to receive your certificate if you have completed all steps 1 to 5 correctly. Once you have completed your assessment, we would appreciate your feedback to improve the process by completing a RegPM Candidate Survey.
  6. You will receive your certificate and your name is placed on the AIPM online Register of Certified Project Managers.
  7. Your certification and your name on the Register of Certified Project Managers will remain valid for three years. Maintaining your certification is subject to your continued financial membership of AIPM.
  8. After three years, you must renew your certification through the AIPM Continuous Professional Development (CPD) Program. The application fee applies to this process (please see the AIPM website CPD page for further information).

Why become a Registered Project Manager?

When you are RegPM certified, you are entitled to use the applicable AIPM post nominal (CPPP, CPPM, CPPD, or CPPE) after your title and your status is acknowledged on the AIPM website as a registered project manager.

RegPM certification is highly regarded in industry and displays your current level of competency, credibility and your ongoing commitment to professional development.


"The Student Manual is a logical, carefully thought through and well presented document. The face-to-face facilitators are helpful, patient, knowledgeable and passionate. Thank you for the time and effort that blueVisions have put into preparing and supporting this course."

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