Manage Diversity

Face-to-face duration: 2 days

Course Objectives

This two (2) day course is designed to assist individuals and organisations in becoming more diverse and inclusive in the way they recruit, manage their staff and conduct business. Participants will be exposed to the latest theories and practices for; managing diversity, being culturally aware and building an inclusive culture for the better of their organisation.

Learning Outcomes

Upon completion of this course, students will be able to;

  1. Define diversity
  2. Understand the role of cultural diversity in the United Arab Emirates
  3. Define workforce diversity
  4. Understand managerial roles and responsibilities in relation to diversity
  5. Implement diversity policies
  6. Initiate actions to ensure diversity is managed effectively
  7. Provide feedback and suggestions for improvement
  8. Foster respect for diversity in a work team
  9. Understand the effects of discrimination and tolerance


  • Anyone holding a managerial position who wishes to acquire a better understanding of diversity in the workplace and how to manage it effectively.


  • Understand the importance of being aware of diversity
  • Analyse what makes culture important in the workplace
  • Understand the demographics of the UAE and the level of diversity in UAE workforces
  • Understand cultural competence, it’s importance and benefits
  • Acknowledge the various forms of diversity
  • Understand how diversity can value add to an organisation
  • Understand the steps involved in building an inclusive culture
  • Understand the components of diversity programs and their value
  • Analyse the role of the manager when managing diversity
  • Understand the purpose of diversity policies and procedures
  • Analyse the characteristics of effective policies
  • Understand the role of ethics in managing diversity and the range of ethical approaches available to managers
  • Understand discrimination and the laws and legislations related to discrimination
  • Acknowledge the importance of EEO
  • Analyse a range of international diversity responses
  • Understand the impact of harassment and bullying and ways to prevent it
  • Analyse strategies to manage diversity effectively
  • Effectively manage work relationships
  • Communicate effectively in the workplace and avoid misunderstandings
  • Communicate efficiently both verbally and non verbally
  • Communicate across culture effectively


  • Diversity awareness
  • The cultural Iceberg
  • Diversity in the UAE workplace
  • Cultural competence
  • Understanding workplace diversity
  • Building an inclusive culture
  • Diversity programs
  • The role of the manager
  • Diversity policies and procedures
  • Ethical approaches to diversity
  • Discrimination
  • Equal employment opportunity
  • Diversity responses
  • Harassment and bullying in the workplace
  • Diversity management
  • Managing work relationships
  • The communication model
  • Cross cultural communication

Program Outline

Day 1

  • What is diversity?
  • The importance of cultural awareness
  • Understanding cultural diversity
  • Diversity in the UAE
  • Diversity in the Working Environment
  • Cultural competence in organizations
  • Defining Diversity Policies
  • Understanding diversity awareness programs
  • The manager’s role
  • Analysing discrimination

Day 2

  • Diversity responses
  • Analysing the term EEO
  • Defining harassment and bullying
  • The benefits of diversity
  • Diversity management
  • Managing work relationships
  • Misunderstandings
  • Effective communication

Delivery Format

  • Case studies and group exercises
  • Facilitator led discussions
  • Practical and experiential activities
  • Videos
  • Skills practice & role plays


"The Student Manual is a logical, carefully thought through and well presented document. The face-to-face facilitators are helpful, patient, knowledgeable and passionate. Thank you for the time and effort that blueVisions have put into preparing and supporting this course."

David Thorpe iiNet Australia

"Your personal contribution to our training has been invaluable. Your infectious high spirits and genuine want for our success have shone through. I sincerely thank you for your efforts over the past two years."

Stephen Davies Group Manager, Construction Services Group, NSW

"Your course made me realise how irrelevant what I was learning through my university course actually was to my job. Due to this, I will be seeking to complete the remainder of the modules in this diploma through blueVisions."

Damien Bleeker Project Coordinator, Liverpool City Council, NSW

"Thank you for a wonderful course....This has been by far the best development course I've ever been a part of."

David Darcy LSPSPO - Defence Materiel Organisation

"Having sat in at various times in both courses, as well as being present for the final summary and feedback sessions I was really impressed with the positive feedback and outcomes. The blueVisions trainers did an awesome job and really motivated and inspired both groups. The level of the course was spot on for each group."

Brian Clarke Leadership Development Coordinator, Gasco