Provide Service to Customers

Face to face duration: 3 days

Course Objectives

This three (3) day course covers the outlines best practice and provides the skills needed to equip customer service representatives in meeting and exceeding their customers' wants and needs. Delegates will learn the importance of consistently providing excellent service in order to build and maintain customer loyalty as well as how to problem-solve and recover difficult customers.

Delivery Strategy

  • The course has been designed by our senior trainers who combine industry experience with academic excellence.
  • Our program design and delivery is based on adult learning principles and experiential learning.
  • The three (3) day face to face delivery course which will give participants the time to understand, practice and apply the concepts of customer service excellence.
  • Each participant receives a workbook containing relevant theories and activities to guide them to achieve the learning outcomes and understand the industry best practices identified.

Learning Outcomes

  1. Identify who your customers are
  2. List ways to interact with customers
  3. Explain the need for quality customer service
  4. Describe your understanding of the importance of customer service
  5. Explain the importance of having the right attitude when delivering a quality customer experience
  6. Develop a natural excitement throughout the customer service process


  • Deliver better, faster service and increase customer satisfaction
  • Learn how to gain repeat business
  • Know what customers expect
  • Increase your credibility with customers - and your value to your organization
  • Manage stressful situations more effectively
  • Recognize the signals of customer irritation - how to respond appropriately and assist in quickly finding a workable solution to your customer's problem


  • Dimensions of quality customer service
  • The value service chain
  • Types of customers
  • Needs, wants and customers' expectations
  • Why customer satisfaction is based on perceptions
  • Knowledge, skills and attitude
  • Organizational guidelines and standards
  • Dealing with customer service feedback effectively
  • Service recovery
  • Building and maintaining customer loyalty

Program Outline

Day 1

  • Introduction to the service industry
  • The customer experience cycle
  • Product vs. customer cantered organizations
  • The value service chain
  • Dimensions of quality service
  • Types of customers
  • Needs, wants and customers' expectations
  • Why customer satisfaction is based on perceptions
  • Knowledge, skills and attitude

Day 2

  • The communication model
  • Customer Service Face-to-Face
  • Active listening and questioning to facilitate effective two way communication
  • Verbal- and non verbal communication
  • Follow organisational customer service guidelines
  • Consistency, quality, policies and procedures
  • Practise high standards of personal presentation
  • Telephone techniques and standards
  • Electronic customer service
  • Time management, planning and prioritising requests

Day 3

  • First Impressions last for ever
  • The moment of truth
  • Promote goodwill and trust during service delivery
  • Identify and anticipate operational problems
  • Proactively recognise customer dissatisfaction
  • Enhance strategies of effective complaint handling
  • 7 steps of service recovery
  • Under promise and over deliver
  • Proactively dealing with difficult customers
  • "I say what I mean and do what I say"
  • Building customer loyalty


"The Student Manual is a logical, carefully thought through and well presented document. The face-to-face facilitators are helpful, patient, knowledgeable and passionate. Thank you for the time and effort that blueVisions have put into preparing and supporting this course."

David Thorpe iiNet Australia

"Your personal contribution to our training has been invaluable. Your infectious high spirits and genuine want for our success have shone through. I sincerely thank you for your efforts over the past two years."

Stephen Davies Group Manager, Construction Services Group, NSW

"Your course made me realise how irrelevant what I was learning through my university course actually was to my job. Due to this, I will be seeking to complete the remainder of the modules in this diploma through blueVisions."

Damien Bleeker Project Coordinator, Liverpool City Council, NSW

"Thank you for a wonderful course....This has been by far the best development course I've ever been a part of."

David Darcy LSPSPO - Defence Materiel Organisation

"Having sat in at various times in both courses, as well as being present for the final summary and feedback sessions I was really impressed with the positive feedback and outcomes. The blueVisions trainers did an awesome job and really motivated and inspired both groups. The level of the course was spot on for each group."

Brian Clarke Leadership Development Coordinator, Gasco