Office Administration Skills

Face to face duration: 2 days

Course Objectives

This two (2) day course provides participants with the skills and knowledge required to operate administrative systems effectively in the business environments. Participants will receive a comprehensive overview of administrative functions as well as focusing on their own professional development in key areas such as effective communication, team building and prioritising.

Learning Outcomes

  1. Identify organisational goals, structure and culture fit.
  2. Understand methods to enhance team development.
  3. Model ethical behaviours.
  4. Set personal goals that are congruent with organisation goals.
  5. Understand the planning process and the importance of prioritising.
  6. Understand the characteristics of an effective filing system.
  7. Develop effective communication techniques.
  8. Understand the principles of efficient presentations.

Benefits and Topics

  • Develop an understanding of different types of organisational structures
  • Identify organisational structures according to common characteristics
  • Learn about organisational culture and why it is important
  • Learn why ethical behaviour is important
  • Understand the role we play in modelling behaviours
  • Identify the benefits of planning
  • Develop an understanding of the planning process
  • Learn about SMART goals
  • Understand the role of prioritising in the office
  • Understand the importance of accurate record keeping
  • Identify the characteristics of records
  • Develop an understanding of filing systems
  • Develop an understanding of the communication process
  • Apply effective communication skills in listening, speaking and body language
  • Identify barriers to communication
  • Understand telephone use in the workplace
  • Identify methods of workplace communication
  • Identify the steps involved in preparing for, conducting and following up on meetings
  • Learn about meeting minutes and acceptable formats
  • Understand the characteristics of good presentations
  • Learn how to prepare for, deliver and review a presentation.


  • Anyone who wishes to increase their skills and knowledge of Office Administration practices.


  • Pair and group activities (physical and mental)
  • Self reflection activities
  • Videos
  • Experiential learning
  • Role play
  • Self assessments

Delivery Strategy

This two (2) day course exposes participants to the fundamental administrative practices of the modern office in both the public and private sectors.

Each participant receives a workbook containing relevant theories and activities to guide them through to the completion of their final assessments of each unit of competency

Participants will take part in individual, pair and group activities and role plays.

Program Outline

Day One

  • Organisational structures explained
  • Creating an organisational culture
  • Building an inclusive culture
  • Ethical behaviour in the workplace
  • Modelling ethical behaviour
  • The importance and benefits of planning
  • The planning process
  • The importance of prioritising
  • Characteristics of record keeping
  • Establishing in effective filing system
  • Record disposal

Day Two

  • The fundamentals of effective communication
  • The communication process
  • Active listening
  • The role of feedback in the communication process
  • Non-verbal communication
  • Barriers to communication
  • Telephone use and communicating in the workplace
  • Preparing for, conducting and following up on meetings
  • Concise and accurate meeting minutes
  • Characteristics of a good presentation


"The Student Manual is a logical, carefully thought through and well presented document. The face-to-face facilitators are helpful, patient, knowledgeable and passionate. Thank you for the time and effort that blueVisions have put into preparing and supporting this course."

David Thorpe iiNet Australia

"Your personal contribution to our training has been invaluable. Your infectious high spirits and genuine want for our success have shone through. I sincerely thank you for your efforts over the past two years."

Stephen Davies Group Manager, Construction Services Group, NSW

"Your course made me realise how irrelevant what I was learning through my university course actually was to my job. Due to this, I will be seeking to complete the remainder of the modules in this diploma through blueVisions."

Damien Bleeker Project Coordinator, Liverpool City Council, NSW

"Thank you for a wonderful course....This has been by far the best development course I've ever been a part of."

David Darcy LSPSPO - Defence Materiel Organisation

"Having sat in at various times in both courses, as well as being present for the final summary and feedback sessions I was really impressed with the positive feedback and outcomes. The blueVisions trainers did an awesome job and really motivated and inspired both groups. The level of the course was spot on for each group."

Brian Clarke Leadership Development Coordinator, Gasco