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Enabling your success through training and capability solutions delivered by industry practitioners.

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Institute of Management is the preferred training and capability development partner in leadership, project delivery and digital transformation. Leading practitioners design and deliver our training solutions, providing participants access to their industry insights and expertise, accelerating learning outcomes and producing tangible results.

Learn from
our experience.

Achieve Real Results

We are always looking for better and more improved methods to deliver training and learning to our clients from the training room to the workplace.

Our innovative facilitated assessment workshops assist clients who may not have real experience to demonstrate key competencies. These workshops have been so effective that they have helped reduce the time required to attain some qualifications by 75%.

Coaching for Success

Our coaching model also delivers real results. The Institute of Management continues to work with you long after your training course is completed, helping embed lessons learnt in the workplace and assisting client organisations achieve measurable benefits from their training investment.

Broad Domain of Experience

Qualified and experienced in their domain of expertise, our facilitators provide case studies and examples from real projects, problems and solutions. Their broad domain of experience includes:

  • Engineering and construction.
  • Business process reengineering.
  • IT strategic planning and software development.
  • Business management.

Across Corporate Cultures

Our training programs build on our real experience across a wide variety of industries and capability challenges.  As you will see from our list of industry and government clients, we work across many and varied corporate cultures, diverse industries and levels of government including:

  • Transport.
  • Defence.
  • Digital services.
  • Resources.
  • Legal, financial and professional services.
  • Federal, state and local government.
  • Public and private utilities.
  • Infrastructure and engineering.

Our Values

Our values of Passion, Commitment, Integrity and Empathy underpin everything we do from our culture to our approach to technical excellence and client delivery. They are the reasons we have one of the highest staff retention rates in the industry.



We are passionate about making a positive impact



We demonstrate a high standard of integrity



We treat everyone with compassion and respect



We build trust by delivering on our word


Diversity & Inclusion

Working in a diverse and inclusive culture improves the quality and value we provide to our clients. As the need for innovation and creativity increases, so too does the need for diversity of thought and inclusive practices.

At the Institute of Management we provide an open and supportive framework for all levels of experience, from our intern and graduate programs to our directors.

Every staff member has the opportunity to live a fair and balanced lifestyle, working with consultants from around the world.


Becoming a Facilitator and Consultant

If you’ve always been curious about becoming a facilitator and building capability within individuals, or a consultant working with clients to build capability through systems, tools and knowledge,  we have a number of programs to help you along your way.

Capability improvement through facilitation and consulting is a challenging and rewarding career with exposure to significant projects and techniques.

It is the role of the consultant to develop strong relationships with clients, to advise and support them through massive change, delivery or transformation. Our job has always been one of passion, integrity, commitment and empathy.

Join our team

People are at the heart of our success.

Our people possess a wealth of practical experience and are skilled in project management, organisational culture and digital transformation. As such, our participants and clients benefit from the advantages of real experience.

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